With over 250,000 residents, Kitsap County is one of the fastest growing and most secure places to live in Washington. With home costs over the average, the area’s towns are surely some of the country’s best.

If you’d like to up the ante, or simply need cosmetic work to the inside or outside of your house, Scott’s Home & Roof Service can help. We have years of experience in the home improvement field, including roofing and tree removal, so we’re always interested in helping to improve the look of houses in the area. Contact us at (360) 340-3673 to receive a free in-home estimate from professional roofers and remodelers.

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Professional Roofers

We pride ourselves on our roofing abilities. From entire replacements to shingle repairs, there’s nothing we can’t do when it comes to a home’s roof. If you live in the Bremerton region or another town within Kitsap County, and have a leak or missing shingles, come to Scott’s for qualified roofers. We offer affordable rates, a 10-year warranty on all roofing labor, and some of the best workmanship around. Let the rain flow, and worry not about your roof. We even clean gutters, so you can be sure to keep the rain at bay.

Home Improvements

Since 1989, Scott’s has been the company that residents in Kitsap County have called for their home improvements. We paint, remodel rooms, build decks and sheds, and much more. Your home’s look is an extension of yourself, so make it count by updating older fixtures and freshening up the walls with new paint.

Logging and Tree Services

Damage from trees can come when you least expect it. From a fallen limb smacking a car windshield to an entire tree cracking under its own weight and crashing into a roof, trees can certainly cause a headache or two. Call us, the trusted logging company, if you’ve noticed any dangerous-looking trees in your yard.

We offer professional tree removal to all residents and business owners in Kitsap County, so unsightly, hazardous, or otherwise troublesome trees aren’t causing problems. From stumps to whole wooded areas, our loggers are available to do it all.

Demolition and Excavation

Both homes and businesses alike need added space at some point. With our excavators at hand, creating that space is no problem. We clear land for everything from new buildings to sewer lines to driveways. We also demolish old buildings or structures that are either damaged or in the way of something new.

Throughout all of Kitsap County, including the Bremerton and Kingston areas, Scott’s offers the most affordable and high-quality services around, including tree removal and roofing. Contact us today at (360) 340-3673, and receive a free estimate for your next project.