The professionals of Scott’s Home & Roof Service offer tree removal and logging services in Kingston, WA, and beyond. With decades of tree service experience, our loggers quickly and efficiently remove, trim, or clear trees from residential and commercial areas. To schedule a free on-site consultation and estimate, contact us today at (360) 340-3673.

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Tree Removal Service

Whether tree limbs hang perilously over your roof or a storm-damaged tree is on the verge of snapping, trust in our tree removal experts to take care of it. As a leading logging company in Northern Washington, we provide the following services:

  • Complete tree cutting service (including trimming)
  • Whole tree and stump removal
  • Wood chipping
  • Commercial logging
  • Forest clearing
  • Excavation of clearings after tree removal
  • Full-yard cleaning of tree limbs, stumps, and all debris
  • Log splitting
  • Land and view clearing
Tree Service in Kingston WA

If you’re seeing signs of dangerous trees, we recommend immediate removal due to the possible hazards to your home, business, or other buildings. Trees that have uplifted roots, that are bent toward an important structure, storm-damaged, split, or dying are signs of dangerous trees. If you’ve noticed a tree’s roots uplifting, limbs snapping for no reason, or leaves not growing in the spring, these are vital signs that the tree needs to be removed. Don’t wait to contact us about getting started on your tree service.

When an overgrown tree or unsightly stump is wrecking your curb appeal, call our experts at (360) 340-3673 for a free tree service consultation and on-site estimate. In addition to our tree clearing and stump removal services, we also offer home improvements, roofing, and excavating to our fellow residents in Kingston and the surrounding areas, including Bremerton and Kitsap County.

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